This is a brilliant EP. Few bands follow up a debut album with a release so different, and yet Gravity Guild are still recognisably the same band – the passion, the power, the intensity – it’s all there, just transformed into an experience that is deeply rewarding and a fine display of the band’s remarkable potency. Without careful thought, an acoustic EP can be a dull, drawn-out affair, but Gravity Guild have taken the opportunity of a more subtle approach to experiment with layers of instrumentation in a way that demonstrates their passion for and joy in making original, exciting music and the listener is left in no doubt that the next full-length album has the potential to be even better. A remarkable, beautiful release, this deserves your attention. ” - Sonic Abuse - Phil

On "The Great Divide" The Gravity Guild takes classic rock roots and twists in some modern Audioslave kind of sounds to create a sound that's all their own. A sound that's familiar yet new at the same time. It's in no way nu-metal, but it reminds me at times of Disturbed, but that may be because the lead vocalist has pipes like David Draiman ... and that's no faint praise.The songs are pretty hard rockers throughout, but all have an acoustic twinge -- the band calls it "acoustic-inspired." It's an odd mixture that produces a fascinating combination.My favorite track is probably "The Game," which starts out simmering and eventually bursts into crackling flame.The Great Divide" is a solid, unique album from beginning to end and it makes me want to hear more from this band, if only to see what they try next. ” - R. Scott Bolton

'I’ is a clever, well-written album that touches on any number of alt-rock milestones whilst maintaining its own sense of identity. The Gravity Guild have crafted an alt rock album that looks both backward and forward in equal measure. Given how few people operate within the genre (and fewer still with such passion and power) it will undoubtedly thrill all those who have worn their AiC records into the ground, whilst offering something new to those who missed the alt-explosion of the nineties entirely. A hugely successful effort from a band who show great potential.” - Sonic Abuse-Phil

“…The Gravity Guild manages to blend a mixture of classic progressive rock styles with modern progressive metal all wrapped up with a thick cocoon of 90's grunge. Progressive grunge? Perhaps, but it’s more impressive and refined than that, as gracefully displayed on the band’s full-length self-released debut,"I"... Think Dream Theater and Rush meet Alice in Chains and Soundgarden…”” - Rustyn Rose

The Gravity Guild's album 'I' shows a strong influence from elements of 90s alternative rock and progressive metal.  My first impression of the album is a similarity to the style that of Tool, Alice in Chains and Machine Head.  However the technicality and structure of the songs sounds well thought out and professionally done...A powerful and aggressive feeling is created while when listening to the emotion and dark subjects in the lyrics...If you're a huge fan of Grunge and Progressive Metal then I guarantee you'll enjoy listening to 'I'…4/5 stars ” - Keira Kentworthy

Krash City Magazine: pg 68-69

The Gravity Guild has it all.  The sound, the songs, the chops.  They remind me of what you would get if you crossed Audioslave with Sevendust.  Clearly lethal, but completely addictive. ” - -Susan Masino

— Author - Let There Be Rock - The Story of AC/DC

This is a band that's got SOME BALLS” - -Sylvia Massy

— Music Producer - Tool, System of A Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Sevendust, Deftones

The Gravity Guild is an LA power group with a dirty, slow burn sound that would appeal to fans of southern hard rock or classic grungemasters Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. Check em out!” - -Mojo's Pick of the Week

— Mojo's Army